Tagliolini with Stracciatella



This Stracciatella is the Mozzarella cheese version - not to be confused with the ice-cream by the same name!  This is a gooey rich and creamy cheese that has firm strands of cheese in a creamy mousse.  Served very simply with fresh Pasta as in this recipe it is a decadently delicious entree or main course.

Serves: 4

  • 150g fresh stracciatella cheese
  • 400g fresh Cucina Tagliolini Pasta
  • strands or zest of a small lemon
  • small handful of fresh mint leaves


Cook the Pasta according to instructions.  Drain the Pasta and mix through about 2/3 of the Stracciatella.  Add Salt & Pepper.  Serve onto plates, or one large platter, dress with remainder of the Stracciatella, sprinkle with the mint leaves and lemon zest.  Serve and enjoy.


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