Fresh Pasta

Artisan Fresh Pasta

There are 8 different widths of Pasta available and the pictures below show how they look and what the names are.

Fresh Pasta Widths

Angel Hair 1mm

Spaghetti 2mm

Tagliolini 3mm

Linguine 4mm

Linguine (2)
Tagliatelle 6mm

Tagliatelle 1
Fettuccine 8mm

Pappardelle 10mm

Lasagnette 16mm

Pasta widths are shown above.

Fresh Artisan Pasta is available in over 20 different flavours with your choice of 8 different flat cuts or widths.  Also available is our range of Asian Style Noodles.

Pick any combination of cut & flavour from our Fresh Artisan Pasta Range.

Our artisan fresh Pasta is made daily from a combination of plain flour and durum wheat semolina flour. We use the best fresh ingredients available for our flavoured Pasta with no colouring or preservatives added.  Our busy team of Pasta makers make all the orders especially for you - we don't hold stock of fresh Pasta because like fresh bread it needs to be eaten and enjoyed when it's fresh.  However, unlike bread it will keep beautifully chilled in your fridge for up to 10 days.  If you don't eat it all before the best before date, you can freeze it for future use.  If you do this, just remember not to defrost it as it is best cooked from frozen.

Serving Sizes:
For a main course 150g of uncooked pasta per person is a generous portion.
For entree 50 - 80g is a good serve size depending on what you put with it. For example if you're using a sauce that contains a lot of meat or vegetables, you can reduce the amount of pasta used.

" Pasta must swim like a fish in water, so you need 1 litre of water for every 100gms. The pasta must be alive, like serpents. Pasta is a living thing, its not a shoe or button & you must remove it from the water at the right moment, onto a hot serving dish." - Giuseppe Menconi, President Union Italian Pasta Mfrs.


Lasagne Sheets

If you enjoy making your own Lasagnes try our Lasagne sheets.

Our Lasagne Sheets measure 450 x 280 mm and are about 1 mm thick - this is roughly the size of a standard Lasagne dish and when you order you will get a minimum of 5 sheets which is 1 kg.  As with all our fresh Pasta, the sheets can be frozen if they're floured which will help you get them apart once frozen.  

Asian Noodles

If you love Asian foods we have a great range of Asian style Noodles and you can go straight to our Asian Noodles. These wheat flour noodles made with our traditional rolling & cutting method produces fine quality firm noodles for your Asian cuisine. Many of these Noodles work really well in broths and salads.


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