100 % NZ Owned and Operated

Cucina Gourmet Foodservice is a small New Zealand company 100% Kiwi and proud to be operating in a market dominated by a huge foreign owned multi-national.
Cucina in the Foodservice industry is similar to specialist retail outlets such as Butchers, Fishmongers, Bakery shops etc as opposed to supermarkets who sell high volume, processed, long shelf life products.
The importance of small to medium businesses is highlighted in Business NZ's annual report to stakeholders ‘BUSINESS NZ 2010’. “The creativity and innovation that drive economic growth spring from this sector, one reason why small and medium businesses are often called the engine room of growth. For New Zealand to flourish this creativity and innovation must be harnessed”.
Cucina is focused on enhancing returns for small to medium New Zealand food producers. All of us are providing income for our staff, for our suppliers, as well as re-investing profits back into our business’s rather than send profit to Head Offices outside of New Zealand.

Our customers tell us that there is a lot to be said for supporting a company that is Kiwi owned.
Support New Zealand we say!


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