About Us

Cucina Foods Ltd

We started out in the last century (1999) as a Pasta Manufacturer - and are now part of a small group of Artisan Food Producers based in Auckland.

Cucina (Koo-Chee-nah is an Italian Word meaning Kitchen or cooking) began to source other New Zealand products from owners who were as keen as we were about their products.

If you’re involved with a Cafe, Restaurant, Caterer, Hotel, Deli, Pub, Winery, or Lodge, then you will find products to satisfy your menu inspirations.
Keep your menus interesting with a strong New Zealand provenance, using Artisan Food products from New Zealand’s finest suppliers.
We love food; in particular we like to know where our food comes from, and the stories behind the products. Cucina’s role is to improve your awareness of local and regional specialty suppliers in New Zealand.
If you are interested in the people who produce, prepare and sell real food then read all about the suppliers who produce the products. These stories will tell you about the passion behind producing food items and the way it is grown or manufactured.
If you want to know how to use products, or what recipes to use for products, you will find it in our Recipes.

Our supply chain network also includes our team of delivery contractors who ensure that you get your goods on time and intact. If you don’t then you can rest assured that our Chef's Guarantee will provide you with 100% satisfaction.

Shop For PastaAs well as this we support small New Zealand companies for our IT needs, our printing, and any other service providers with a good Kiwi ethic.

Providing the foundation to our business is our team of trained pasta makers who make it all happen. We can only grow the business if we continue to earn your loyalty.


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